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Donald Trump & Political Preferences

Donald Trump & Political Preferences

Krishna | Wed Jan 16 2019

Perhaps, excluding the siege of Troy, in a fight we can always take a side. The fight may be between god and devil (Ramayana), just and unjust (Mahabharta) or strong and weak as it was in the case of David and Goliath. Hardly, there are any stories which we come across, where two evils fight amongst themselves to know who is worse of them and similarly there are hardly any instances in popular culture where two positive forces fought to know who is better.Fights have always been labelled like this, since time immemorial, between two polar opposites. When traditional values couldn’t be applied man discovers his own opposites, like in the present case Liecester City, where the fight has become underdog’s v/s money power.

During the 1999-2007 when Australia will win almost every match, the reverence for the champion team turned into envy and their tough cricket was labelled as immoral and undisciplined conduct. It became the very reason for supporting any side, which played against the Australians. Everyone in politics is there for serving the mankind (or atlest it’s supposed to be like this) yet in political battlefields one claims the other to be villain.
Many times there is no noticeable difference in election promises (Gujarat Cong v/s Gujarat BJP), in policies (NCP v/s Cong, SS v/s MNS, BJP v/s SS), in ideologies(AIDMK v/s DMK). And when you explain this fact to any frenzy political party supporter, he will have his own reasons to defend his choice and offend his rivals choice and when he will have no defence left, then the simplest line of defence would be, he votes for the lesser of the two evils.

The politics of today, certainly, is choice between two evils but this shouldn’t stop us from asking ourselves, why to choose the any of the evils when we can reject them altogether. Hope and honesty can go wrong in the form of Kejriwal and it’s understood people are cheated and fooled but why not to just throw away Congress and BJP, who have conned you many times? Take the case of 2014 elections, it was fought on the bad governance of Congress and the corruption which plagued the leaders who were in power, the BJP presented itself as an alternative. But it fielded turncoats and most of them enjoyed electoral success. If the voting was for pro governance and against the corrupt, then those corrupt politicians should have been defeated but this wasn’t case. What Modi did at union level, Kejri did it in Delhi, it was personality over any other thing. It’s ludicrous to believe that Modi can oversee every MP and it’s delusional to think all the MLAs of AAP will be honest. Wasn’t the voters aware of these facts? They were very well aware and still they opted to vote for the personality, ensuring corrupts, people with fake degrees and religious fanatics could come into power riding on the wave of personality cults of these two main leaders. This compels me to believe that no matter what one says, when it comes to voting, one is moved more by his illogical personal prejudices.

The three main movers for BJP since her inception has been, Ram Mandir, Uniform Civil Code and removal of Article 370. SP Mukherjee had this vision, Atal had the same, when he asked the minorities to choose between, ‘ Babari and Barabari’ (Babari mosque v/s equality), Advani had the same dream and Modi is ofcourse is the poster boy for these demands. Ram Mandir remains a distant dream, what it would be like can only be imagined if one has the vision of Swamy, Uniform civil code finds voice only in political assemblies not in parliament or courts. And neither the BJP has the will or power (at present) to repeal article 370. History repeats herself, people in 1990s voted for BJP fuelled by these three demands, then again in 1999 and history repeated in 2014. Again a new generation will come, they will come to know about the above three problems and they will propel the successor of Modi to power in future, in the garb of nationalism.

Power begets power, once in power, a party will like to be always in power. The Anti- Congress voters for a second never imagines that, even if Nehru had colourful nights few decades ago, how does it matter in present elections? Politics is like a corporate machinery, where retaining power and making money is the sole aim, so why will Congress be anti-national and lose her power. Even if the Congress party is least motivated to work for the nation but the raison d'etre demands her to be pro people. And why can’t the an anti-Congress person appreciate the employment gurantee and food security acts of Congress party? On the other sides of the disbelievers are the blind believers, who believes that Congress party is the sole representative of poor, only INC can save secularism in the nation and for this reason even if a puppet is made the electoral candidate, he will win with the support of secular forces. We all take sides influenced by prejudices, one might simply vote for BJP because it has saffron colour flag which inturn is close to his faith and development will take a backseat. For the same reason a person might decide never to vote for BJP, burned with Godhra grudge, even if heaven is created for him, he couldn’t come out of the clutches of his past believes. And even if court rulings says otherwise, he only believes that the books and websites which reads to be the centre of truth discarding everything which says the contrary. Negative forces win over us quite easily, it wasn’t the Gujarat’s Photoshop development model which attracted the below average mind, it was the portrayal of Congress being Muslim appeaser which did the maximum damage. And again it was not development but the negative portrayal of BJP as anti Dalits and anti OBC due to which a 9th fail became the deputy CM. The negative politics will only have negative outcomes.

Kejriwal is the modern Lallo, an intelligent man, who finds it better to behave like a fool, and fool people in the name of honesty. A person like Yogendra Yadav working at grass root level, building lakes for water harvesting, in this heat, is far better than Kejriwal who again and again plays the victim card and demands and commands sympathy more than critical appraisal by his supporters and people of Delhi. This pattern in India can be understood, there was assault on the Hindu-Muslim for over a century, this reflects in our psyche even today, we put religion before reason, even if religion counters even basic reasoning. Bihar is the least literate state so a state falling for 9th failed deputy CM at least can be digested.

Similar pattern is emerging elsewhere. If Trump reaches the white house it would not surprise me but what would surprise me that it’s happening in USA, a nation which lead the modern renaissance for democracy and equality and finished the uncompleted task of European renaissance and French revolution. To triumph, Trump needs no lovers and supporters, haters will make his job easier. There are people who hate him, because he identifies every Muslim as a terrorist, mocks the Indians and blames us for stealing the American jobs and can make life tough for people who dream to become American citizens. But this hatred will fuel another hatred, there will be Americans who will just support Trump because others are opposing him, he will be disenchanted more by Trump haters than with Trump. And because human mind catches negative emotions more readily, he will soon reason himself, what wrong Trump is saying? He might not support Trump with his policies but will support him in the name of freedom of expression. The debate will shift to other grounds, healthcare and economics will be forgotten. People could have very easily overlooked Trump and went for alternative but they decided not to. So now together with Trump haters (who are not united) and haters of Trump haters, Trump has so much confidence that he is ready to fight it out all alone. Man has to understand that prostitution thrives because flesh is weak and politics thrives because morals are weak. And this weakness is the reason why these two oldest professions are still thriving even today. To understand things correctly it takes efforts, misunderstanding things comes with no efforts but with a great price. Nathu Ram Godse killed Gandhi believing him to be a Muslim appeaser, today finds place in temples, Lincoln who freed the slaves and emancipated the blacks was also assassinated because a person failed to understand that all men are born equal. And on such misunderstandings castles in politics are builds, which are known as party ideologies and blindly supported by people.

Man by his nature is afraid of light and politics is den of darkness, everybody follow, talk, read and write about politics but nobody cares to rationally think about it and ultimately man is trapped and caged by the system, which he created for his own freedom and development

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