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The Health Society of England suggests people take vitamin D during the lockdown.

The Health Society of England suggests people take vitamin D during the lockdown.

Vicky | Thu Apr 23 2020

The Health Society of England suggests people take vitamin D during the lockdown. The suggestion states that people should consume vitamin D foods until the end of summer. Usually, vitamin D is replenished in the human body by staying in the sun or walking outside. Vitamin D from sunlight can help keep our body healthy and away from infection. Sunlight is very important in any epidemic. What are the suggestions regarding the intake of Vitamin D?

This is not the first time vitamin D intake has been suggested to people in the UK. People in the UK have previously been advised to consume up to 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day during the winter months (October to March). England's public health has emphasized the use of vitamin D because people are imprisoned in homes during the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, they may lack vitamin D due to lack of sunlight in the body. Similar suggestions have also been made by the Scottish and Welsh governments.

On this suggestion, Sarah Stanner of the British Nutrition Foundation said, 'The effect of coronavirus continues, so many of us are confined to our homes. It is very important for us to follow the government rules properly and stay at home. Sunlight is reaching us limited, so in order to be healthy, we also have to maintain vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is very important to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy and strong in the human body. Lack of this can cause a bone disease called rickets (rickets) in children, whereas its deficiency is likely to cause osteomalacia (osteomalacia) in adults which leads to bone weakness. Some studies suggest that vitamin D protects against infection, but there is no evidence yet that vitamin D enhances the immune system.

Consumption of vitamin D is good for health but long-term intake of vitamin D can prove dangerous. 50 micrograms of vitamin D is needed daily for children aged 1–10 years. For children under 12 years, 25 micrograms per day and adults can consume 100 micrograms of vitamin D daily, although those who have kidney problems and have a chronic disease should take vitamin D only on the advice of a doctor.

Is vitamin D beneficial in corona infection?
No, there is no evidence yet that vitamin D intake reduces the risks of corona infection, but some experts believe it is beneficial in epidemics. Health is good by taking vitamin D. Spanish and French researchers are researching whether vitamin D helps coronavirus patients.

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