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India should lead the world in providing a new work culture: PM Modi

India should lead the world in providing a new work culture: PM Modi

Vicky | Tue Apr 21 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the shapes of current work life and nowadays home is the new office and the web is the new conference room, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.

"I have also been adapting to these changes. Most meetings, be it with ministerial colleagues, officials and world leaders, are now via video conferencing," Modi penned on LinkedIn.

The need of great importance is to consider business and way of life models that are effectively versatile.

"Doing so would mean that even in a time of crisis, our offices, businesses and commerce could get moving faster, ensuring loss of life does not occur," he stated.

Today, the world is in the quest for new plans of action, he said including that India, an energetic country known for its creative enthusiasm, can start to lead the world in giving another work culture.

India, with the correct mix of the physical and the virtual, can develop as the worldwide operational hub of complex current global stockpile chains in the post-COVID-19 world.

"Let us rise to that occasion and seize this opportunity," he asked fellow countrymen.

Using the vowels of English language i.e `a, e, i, o, u` he proposed business model as below. 

The need of the hour is to think of business and lifestyle models that are easily adaptable.

We should perhaps think of models where productivity and efficiency matter more than the appearance of effort.

We have made major progress in combating climate change. Mother Nature has demonstrated to us her magnificence, showing us how quickly it can flourish when human activity is slower. There is a significant future in developing technologies and practices that reduce our impact on the planet. Do more with less.

Rather than playing catch up, India must be ahead of the curve in the post-COVID world. Let us think about how our people, our skills sets, our core capabilities can be used in doing so.

Unlike previous moments in history, when countries or societies faced off against each other, today we are together facing a common challenge. The future will be about togetherness and resilience.

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