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Why India Doesn't have Veto power when every 5th person on this planet is an Indian?

Why India Doesn't have Veto power when every 5th person on this planet is an Indian?

Vicky | Fri Mar 27 2020

“Position is not for those who demand it but for those who deserve it”

World war 2 was fought between the Allies and the Axis powers all over the world. Axis powers constituted of Germany, Italy, and Japan while the Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States and the Republic of China were part of the Allies. In 1945 when world war ended and United nation of Security Council was created, winners were given a permanent seat with veto power. Truth is after world War 2 India also emerged as the world's fourth-largest industrial power with increased political, economic and military(At the peak of the world war 2, 25lac Indian soldier were fighting all over the world for allied forces) but at that time it was British India.

India didn't exist at the time of UNSC creation and so getting it a permanent seat at UNSC even after being second most populated country was out of question. After few years when India got its freedom and became a republic, It was unofficially given few hints of getting a permanent seat at UNSC which comes with VETO power by both superpowers i.e USA and USSR but at different time, as per their requirement. According to Pt Nehruji, they were more of a trap rather than any offer and so he humbly declined `those traps` citing PRC (people's republic of China) interest should be considered first. Later when China attacked India in 1962, he found his overconfidence for Chinese, a major policy lapse on his part. Now for some years India is trying to get the Seat but unable to achieve the objective due to multiple reasons.

P-5 countries don’t wanna share the power
Everyone thinks China is the only hindrance in our path, but US, UK, France or even Russia (Agree they are out time tested friend but Russia is different from the Soviet Union) do not want to give India a seat because they don’t wanna share the power. example: White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is on record stating "President (Obama) would support the inclusion of India in that process (reform of UNSC)" but cables leaked by Wikileaks quoted Former US Secretary of State and the Democratic candidate for president Hillary Rodham Clinton ridiculing countries like India as "self-appointed front-runners" for permanent membership of UNSC.

Japan, Germany and Brazil each want a seat for themselves as well and they are giving a good fight.

India demands 4 seats, not one. Strange...? I know it's confusing but that's true.
India being part of G4(Japan, Germany, India and Brazil) countries want 4 seats, one for each G4 member. Therefore it needs to change the UN charter and reform the UNSC which is also a big factor for delay.

International Diplomacy works on “give and take” concept. And to be a powerful country it needs to be a powerful economy. Even though we are not in the League we will eventually reach there soon.

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